The Top-Rated Used Car Models You Really Should Consider

Buying a used car is an excellent tactic if you want to save money and cut running costs. Of course, there is always an element of risk because a second-hand vehicle can give up the ghost at any moment. The trick is to invest in a model that you can trust that offers reliability even though it isn’t brand new. Everybody has their assumptions about manufacturers; for instance, Volvos run forever and Volkswagen is German engineering personified. However, assumptions make an ass out of you and me in the automotive world.

Therefore, it’s best to choose a model that is proven to last. Here are four of them.

Honda Civic


A Honda Civic isn’t at the top of anyone’s list when it’s new, so the fact it appears at number one in this post might be surprising. Looks can be deceiving, though, and you shouldn’t let your antipathy for the Honda brand get in the way of a savvy investment. For one thing, it has the longest life expectancy of most vehicles on the market at 200,00 miles. Certain models don’t make a third of this number when they are new. Also, the depreciation rate is pretty low, making it easier to sell on for a profit/ breakeven.

Toyota 4Runner

Toyota 4Runner - Massive SUV -

When it comes to a used car, you can’t go wrong with an SUV. Well, you can’t if you pick the right one! The 4Runner is at the top of the list for similar reasons to the Honda Civic – the depreciation is above average, it is reliable at high mileage, and the safety rating is good, too. These are all reasons for it to be ranked as the best budget SUV, according to Motor 1. What you might not realise is that SUVs have four-wheel drive and are great in adverse weather conditions. So, the 4Runner is an all-round beast that won’t let you down.

BMW 1 Series

BMW 1 Series King Cobra

Who said second-hand vehicles couldn’t be sexy? With a BMW 1 Series, you can finally afford a classy car without paying over the odds. At Emerald House of Cars, you can buy one for less than £5,000. Now that’s cheap! However, it’s not only about the price. BMWs are cheap to tax, have diesel engines that are more reliable than petrol ones, and have a decent fuel-efficiency. Plus, motorists can rely on German-made vehicles to give them bang for their buck. Considering that the Daily Car Blog has banned photos of the 2 Series, this will have to make do!

Tesla Model S

Unplugged Performance, Tesla model S, wideboy,

Regarding fuel-efficiency and reliability, there is no better choice than an electric vehicle. An EV negates the carbon footprint of standard cars, as well as the maintenance issues because it doesn’t rely on a combustion engine. Yes, the rates are quite high, but EVs aren’t common throughout the industry yet. Still, the Model S from Tesla is about as affordable as you’ll find for a used motor. It scores a perfect five out of five for safety, while the ride is incredibly smooth.

Now you know which models make superior used cars, which one will you choose?

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