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The BMW iX3 EV Will Be Fully Charged & Operational For A Summer Blockbuster Run
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The BMW iX3 EV is BMW taking the electric car game to the mainstream. The iX3 is the company’s first fully-electric crossover and will be built exclusively at its Shenyang production facility in China. The Coronavirus pandemic has not derailed the intended summer launch date and preparations are proceeding according to plan. The all-new iX3 EV platform will also underpin future ICE plug-in hybrid and fully electric models and is expected to be used for the i4 EV, which launches in 2021.

The iX3 EV will be powered by a 74kWh battery, BMW claims a range of 273 miles, fully charged. BMW says its new battery technology is smaller, more compact but has an energy density rivaling larger capacity battery cells. BMW’s 5th generation eDrive makes use of an induction motor and points out that no rare earth materials are used.

The BMW iX3 EV is based on the X3. External styling differences are focused on the headlights, tail-lights and front, and rear bumpers. The iX3 will also debut BMW’s controversial ‘walrus’ grille, but it will not be cheap. In the UK, the X3 starts from £40,000 GBP. Electric cars carry a premium so expect entry-level iX3 prices to start from £60,000 GBP. The price of an entry-level X5.

BMW iX3 EV, dailycarblog
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