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Buying A Busted Bentley Continental GT During Lockdown

YouTuber and alright “easy-geezer” Mat Armstrong has purchased a wrecked Bentley Continental GT during the lockdown. This particular wrecked 2006 Bentley cost Mat £10,000 GBP. But it will probably cost near as much to get it roadworthy. But there is a problem, the car has no service history and has chassis damage.  

Prices for a used Bentley Continental GT from around the same period can vary according to condition, mileage and service history. We spotted a used GT on Autotrader with similar mileage, undamaged selling for between £14k and £21k. A car with chassis damage most often has unseen issues. For example, the steering column may be bent.

Perhaps the front crash structure may be compromised, or one side of the suspension is damaged. A used Continental GT front wing and bumper are selling online for around £1,200. Then Mat has to get the new parts professionally spray-painted, another £1k at least.

It’s probably cheaper to break Mat’s Bentley down for parts, he’ll earn more money that way. Any repaired vehicle relisted for sale will lose, on average, 30-percent in value. Carrying a mock gun out in the open is a stupid idea, and this guy gets sponsored by Squarespace?

Busted Bentley Continental GT - Dailycarblog
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