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Somebody Kindly Tell Rolls Royce That Monsanto is Killing The Honey Bees
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Dear Rolls Royce Motor Cars your efforts to protect the honey bee are admirable. We hope World Honey Bee Day celebrations on May 20 mark an important step in aiding the recovery of the honey bee which is seen as a key pollinator of life. However, you must know that aggressive agricultural practices are killing the honey bee population across the developed world. Honey bees are not giving up on life because of a honey bee pandemic. In actuality, it is a man-made pandemic caused by a glyphosate-based herbicide manufactured by the U.S. agribusiness Monsanto. Now, this is where it gets interesting. Monsanto was acquired by Bayer, the German pharmaceutical and life sciences business, in 2018.

Monsanto has since been swallowed up into the Bayer corporate monopoly but has left and continues to leave a damaging legacy. The company sold a hugely popular weed killer, Roundup, still used by farmers and sold in retail outlets to the general public. Scientific research showed the Monsanto weed killer containing glyphosate can be harmful to honeybees. In 2018 researchers at the Univerity of Texas reported:

“glyphosate can damage the microbiota in a honeybee’s gut, and worker bees exposed to glyphosate when they are young are more likely to die from exposure to bacteria later on. Honeybees rely on the microbiota to gain weight and defend themselves against deadly infections”.

Similar studies across the world have confirmed Monsanto’s Roundup weed killer as a key culprit in the decline of the global honey bee population. So is Bayer, who continues to sell Roundup, now in cahoots with German businesses to sell a fairy tale story of how corporations are leading the fightback to save the honey bee from extinction by using natural methods?


It is of no coincidence that Rolls Royce, German-owned, is spearheading this hipster green revolution in the auto industry. We can probably draw Bentley Motors into the equation. But at this stage, no one can say with any amount of certainty that Rolls Royce and Bayer are in any way aligned in a public disinformation campaign using a “save the honey bee” slogan to distract from Bayers wrong-doing. Even for us, that is way to conspiratorial.

What we can say is that Rolls Royce should present the facts about why the honey bee population is in decline and not to be so disinclined to believe honey bees are being ravaged by a mysterious illness. Why? because if second rate hacks like us can work out why honey bees are in decline then the significantly higher IQs at Rolls Royce must also know.

Rolls Royce Honey Bee - Dailycarblog
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