BMW 4 Series Coupe, visual ban, dailycarblog
Daily Car Blog Visually Bans The BMW 4 Series Coupe
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Just as we were coming round to all things bright and glorious BMW, just as we were beginning to believe again, BMW slaps us hard in the face with the 4 Series Coupe. So hard we couldn’t blink for days. The 4 Series Coupe is an executive decision gone wrong. It is hideous looking from any angle. The only merit we felt it deserved was a visual ban. We here at DCB HQ go through a rigorous debate before issuing a visual ban on any vehicle. We do not take such matters lightly. 

A visual ban goes against every democratic institution and way of thinking, it is an erosion of freedom, like having a Google account. But we didn’t put ourselves into this position, BMW did with the 4 Series Coupe. A design so vile it will go down in history as a crime against the very values of design decency.

To date, only one other car has been issued with a visual ban… the BMW 2 Series. A senior spokesperson for the mysterious organisation, The Daily Car Blog, said:

“man.. BMW comes right outta’ a comic book”.


BMW 4 Series Coupe, visual ban, dailycarblog
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