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Toyota Corolla Cross, The Master of Standardisation
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The Toyota Corolla is synonymous with standardization done really well. The Corolla isn’t about the live-fast-die-fast rhetoric, it is the Hare which has taken advice from the Tortoise. The Corolla has always been relatively affordable and extremely reliable. Nothing more nothing less. However the Corolla Cross is more Corolla, but less SUV. It’s one of those crossover vehicles that is not quite a car, not quite a full-blown SUV, but it is an SUV. And one assumes it will offer SUV levels of practicality. The Corolla Cross is positioned between the C-HR and RAV4 within Toyota’s crossover SUV lineup.

The Corolla Cross is based on the CH-R chassis and will be made at Toyota’s Thailand production facility. As far as we know the Corolla Cross will not be immediately available for the European markets. The far east and Australia will be the first recipients. A wider regional launch may occur at a later date. The Corolla Cross will use a familiar range of Toyota engines, of course! 

Base models will be fitted with a 1.8-liter 140bhp, 175 Nm, 4 Cylinder engine. Disappointingly that power is fed through a CVT gearbox driving the front wheels. The 1.8-liter engine will also be offered as a Hybrid variant, which offers a total system power close to 200bhp and over 300 Nm of torque. Yet again a CVT gearbox acts as the conduit to channel all that power.

We don’t have too many other details to divulge at this point. Much of the underlying mechanical engineering will be carried over from the CH-R. And you can expect a similar amount of active and passive safety technology. In addition, you can also expect a good amount of equipment levels, a digital infotainment system with Apple Car Play, etc.

Pricing for the Toyota Corolla Cross has yet to be revealed. Making an educated guess one can extrapolate that it will be less than the RAV4 and more expensive than the CH-R. Top-quality journalism from the Daily Car Blog.

Toyota Corolla Cross SUV, Car Park, dailycarblog
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