BMW M4 Competition
Shmee150 Attempts To Impersonate The BMW M3 Competition Kidney Grille

I think we’re turning into the German car blog, it certainly seems to be Germany day today. And no… Shmee150 isn’t trying to impersonate the famous kidney grille design that is the signature design element of all BMWs, past and present. Admittedly Shmee150 does have a better set of teeth than the Walrus looking tusks on The BMW M3 Competition.

Nevertheless, the BMW M3 Competition is here, both in coupe and saloon form. The new 2020 M3 Competition is gifted with a 3.0 litre TwinPower Turbo inline-6 that makes 510hp and 650Nm in the Competition models, then 480hp and 550Nm in the manual car.

While the kidney grille is the main talking point, as ugly as it looks, and in all fairness, the grille is function over form. The grille is designed around a number of technologies that are hidden behind it. Anyway, we’ll let the ever excitable Shmee150 take over. That is to say just watch the video.

BMW M4 Competition
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