Mat Watson Fly's a Spitfire - Daily Car Blog
Carwow’s Mat Watson Impersonates A Spitfire To Earn A Living

No Carwow or Mat Watson quips today, for this is the first time in human history Mat Watson has flown a Spitfire, never has he owed so much to so few. No… that quip didn’t quite work. Anyway, Mat Watson, Carwow, Mat Watson Carwow Content Director, Mat Watson car reviewer, Mat Watson reviewing a World War 2 Spitfire. WTF?

As it turns out if you are a content director, you have the persuasive powers to direct content in your personal favor. Notwithstanding that the Carwow YouTube channel has grown considerably over the last two years.

Carwow’s YouTube growth coincides with the beginning of DCB’s coverage of said channel. So Carwow’s success is our success because we, DCB HQ, made Carwow the power brand that it is today. (AHEM!)

Anyway, Mat Watson screams his head off as he gets to temporarily pilot a Spitfire. Which does sound remarkably like a Spitfire.

Mat Watson Fly's a Spitfire - Daily Car Blog
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