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Why You Should Replace Your Car’s Floor Mats in 2020
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From truck tonneau covers to trunk organizers, your vehicle’s accessories can have a major impact on your driving and ownership experience. However, if you are like a lot of vehicle owners, you probably haven’t given much thought to replacing your floor mats. This may be a smart idea this year. If you are experiencing any of the following situations, consider getting some new floor mats.

1) They Are Ripped or Damaged

Perhaps the most obvious reason to replace your mats is that they are ripped or otherwise damaged. They take a lot of abuse as you climb in and out of your vehicle. This is especially true if you have a truck or other commercial vehicle for your job. You may be putting dirty boots on your floor mats all day long.

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Having damaged mats looks bad. It also means that they aren’t fully protecting the car interior below. So, if they have tears or holes in them, just buy some new ones. New mats are relatively inexpensive and worth the investment to protect your vehicle.

2) They Slip or Bunch

A less obvious reason to replace your mats is if they are slipping around or bunching up. Both of these situations can be dangerous. If the mat bunches, it may get caught up in your feet. This is especially important on the driver’s side footwell. A bunching mat could interfere with your driving.

Similarly, if they slip around, you are less likely to have a good footing in your vehicle. This can be dangerous while driving and while getting in and out of the vehicle. Consider also grabbing some of the best nerf bars to help with climbing into your tall vehicle.

3) You Want To Sell Your Car

When you want to sell your vehicle, it is worth making some small investments to get the best possible result. Replacing the floor mats is one way to do so. New mats are a great way to make your vehicle look its best before you sell it. Perhaps even more significantly, ripped or dirty mats will reduce the value.

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You can pick up new floor mats for less than $50 in many cases. So, it is worth the purchase to add a few hundred dollars to the sale price. There is a reason that dealers put in new mats.

4) They Smell or Won’t Get Clean

Cleaning the interior of your car is always a good idea. However, sometimes you just can’t get some parts of your vehicle fully clean. If your car mats smell or just won’t get fully clean no matter how hard you try, then you should probably just replace them. As mentioned above, car mats are relatively inexpensive and ones that just won’t get clean may have more serious issues such as mold.

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Compared to some other protective accessories such as fender flares for pickup trucks, mats are really cheap and easy to install. So, pick some up today and make sure the inside of your vehicle is properly protected from dirt and footprints.

Clean Car Floor Mats dailycarblog
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