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The Reason Why Toyota Will Discontinue The Crown Sedan?… It Looks Too Bloody Dull!
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We love Toyota, if you want highly reliable, really well (and it must be said) simple good honest engineering wrapped up in dull ugly styling then you can’t go wrong if that is what your life is worth. In life, you pay for what you get and the Toyota Crown is one such car that will guide you to a dull-distant horizon somewhere near Dulltown. But you know what? we all need a bit of dullness in our lives, nothing wrong with that. The so-called Crown has been in production since 1955 and primarily serves Japanese and select Asian markets. But it turns out the Totoya Crown may well become a here today gone tomorrow has-been. For now, the Toyota Crown is going through an update cycle.

Like a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly, the future Toyota Crown could transform into an SUV. And that future could arrive as soon as 2022, according to industry rumors. Buckle up, folks. But Why? SUV sales are the hot ticket item right now and corporations always opt for wherever the profit margins lead them. Let’s hope Toyota allows its talented pool of designers to make the Toyota Crown SUV look great again.

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The current so-called Crown resembles a car stuck in 1995. But the technology is thoroughly modern and up-to-date. Those dull enough to buy the so-called Crown will be rewarded with a fully digital interior complete with a sticky out infotainment screen. Engine options are either the entry-level 2.0-litre 241bhp turbo-ed petrol engine or a 222 bhp hybrid variant and a 3.5-litre, 354 bhp  V6 hybrid.

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We presume the Toyota Crown requires a form of transaction, but we do not yet know how much the amount is. Top-quality journalism.

Toyota Crown dailycarblog
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