Militem Ferox500 the Neo-Nazi hating Jeep - Hero
New Militem FEROX500, Too Extreme Even For The Azov Battalion
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This is the Militem Ferox500, a modified Jeep Wrangler designed to look as though it is ready for war. It looks so extreme that even the infamous Azov Battalion fears it. If you don’t know who or what the Azov Battalion is, let me inform you. The Azov Battalion is a neo-Nazi military brigade that is openly and officially embedded in the Ukrainian army. For over eight years the Azov Battalion has bombed and killed thousands of its citizens in the Eastern part of Ukraine, known as the Donbas region.

And we in the West are supporting the Azov Battalion disguised as a campaign of sympathy. MSM outlets such as BBC News initially on purpose failed to identify the Azov Brigade, until recently. The Azov Battalion was easily identified by their neo-swastika badging. However, they recently rebranded and removed all identifying neo-nazi identifiers in an attempt to merge into the background unnoticed.

Militem Ferox500 the Neo-Nazi hating Jeep - Rear

In many ways, the Militem Ferox500 is a re-branding exercise. It started life as a Jeep Rubicon 392 and Militem, an Italian coachbuilder, modified the hell out of it to create the FEROX500. The upgrades pertain to the exterior and interior.

The Militem FEROX500 features a custom wideboy upgrade and rides on 22×9.5-inch forged wheels encased in 325/50 tyres. Additional upgrades include retractable running boards, LED strip lights mounted in the front bumper, and parking sensors.

Militem Ferox500 the Neo-Nazi hating Jeep - Interior

The interior features upgraded seats trimmed in a two-tone Red and Black Nappa leather and Alcantara, as is the dashboard and door panels. Militem also fitted a new steering wheel and carbon fiber replaces much of the Jeep’s original interior trim.

The V8 engine is lightly upgraded with a larger air intake which meant Militem had to make a custom front hood and grille. The end result is one mean looking muther-f*cker. It looks so mean that even the infamous neo-Nazi Azov Batallion couldn’t look it in the eye.

Militem Ferox500 the Neo-Nazi hating Jeep - side view

Prices for neo-Nazi hating Militem FEROX500 start at $149,000 USD.

Militem Ferox500 the Neo-Nazi hating Jeep - Hero
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