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The BMW M5 CS, Now It Becomes Death, Destroyer of Worlds
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If you thought BMW M5 Competition was too hot to handle then BMW has raised the stakes at the super saloon poker game with the BMW M5 CS. The M5 CS is a performance version of a performance version, it is the terrifying slither of icing on top of the M5 cake. The actual on-paper performance gains appear modest. The M5 CS gains a 9bhp boost in power over its M5 Competition underling, courtesy of an ECU software remap. For that, you will end up paying an extra  £38k over the “standard” M5 Competition. That doesn’t sound like much of a bargain. But at these prices, a £38k upgrade is pocket change for those with deep enough pockets. And if you have the money, you also want the traffic light bragging rights.

BMW M5 CS Competition - F90 - SE - Daily Car Blog

That being said, if you happen to own a BMW F90 M5 Competition you can get the ECU remapped for £800 thereby increasing power by up to 80bhp – 90bhp, saving you £37k. So, what is so special about the 2021 M5 CS, why does it cost £38k more for seemingly not much more? BMW’s marketing team were out in full hypnotic force, calmly boasting of the M5 CS and its more specialized, track-focused, everyday useability.

BMW M5 CS Competition - F90 - Brakes - Daily Car Blog

The M5 CS has a retuned chassis, carbon fibre parts decrease weight by 70kg, the 4-wheel drive system is renewed with a bespoke software upgrade. The ride height is lowered by 7mm, new dampers, shock-absorbers, springs, six-piston caliper ceramic brakes add up to a re-engineered car. Think of the M5 CS as a significant mechanical engineering upgrade rather than a power upgrade. It’s built for improved handling, steering and sidewaysability.

BMW M5 CS Competition - F90 - Rear - Daily Car Blog

At the heart of the BMW M5 CS is the mighty 4.4-litre V8 twin-turbo which yields that 626bhp and 750Nm of torque (553lb ft). That power and 4-wheel-drive traction combine to allow for a 0-62mph time of 3.0 seconds and an electronically limited top speed of 155mph, or 189mph if you opt for a back-street garage professional.

BMW M5 CS Competition - F90 - Interior - Daily Car Blog

Costing £140,000 you can be sure this BMW will be shoe-horned with the latest in-car technology and passive and active safety tech. And don’t forget the added luxury.

BMW M5 CS Competition - F90 - Daily Car Blog
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