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BMW Anticipates Tesla’s Rise Will Be Followed By A Fall
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BMW boss, Oliver Zipse, soon expects Tesla’s year-long electric car sales dominance to end in a sales fall as rival main-stream auto manufacturers introduce their own EV product offensive. Tesla steamrollered to 500,000 vehicle deliveries in 2020, up 36 percent from the year before. With traditional manufactures spending billions on electric and electrification BMW expects it is only a matter of time before it juggernauts past Tesla. However, he failed to mention that BMW sold just under 50,000 pure electric vehicles in 2020. Scaling electric vehicle production to Tesla’s current level will take at least 3-5 years, even with BMW’s resources and manufacturing expertise.

Meanwhile, Tesla’s expanding production output is setting new targets. The company plans to increase vehicle production by 50-percent every year and is also expecting 2021 to be a bumper sales year despite the global pandemic. Volkswagen is at least, on-paper, aiming to get close to Tesla’s annual demand with the battery-powered ID3 hatch and ID4 SUV which are in demand at the moment.

However, only 68,000 ID3s have been sold since it went on sale in September 2020. The biggest issue with mainstream manufactures such as BMW  is that they are looking at stats and not at Tesla’s superior innovation and technology.  In this regard, Tesla still leads and is at least 10 years ahead of any other manufacture.

This one reason why demand for Tesla is so hot right now. Clearly, BMW and even Volkswagen still have a long ways to go.

BMW Oliver Zipse - Dailycarblog
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