YouTube Man
Owning A Tesla is Misery Says Engineering Explained YouTube Man

You know after all these years we still do not know the actual true name of Engineering Explained YouTube man, primarily because we can’t be bothered. Can’t be bothered to do basic research is journalism 101 that’s why the likes of the Daily Mail and The Sun get away with lying. In journalism lying and gaslighting your audience is called professionalism. And it’s a very lucrative business model. 

As often is the case with this blessed car blog, we do digress methinks. Anyway Engineering Explained YouTube man is winter testing his Tesla Model 3. And he goes on a 2,500-mile road trip to find out how the Model 3 performs in temperatures of -2 degrees. Electric car batteries do not like cold weather which can lead to a range drop of up to 40-percent in some cases.

Batteries perform at their optimum at near room temperatures. At low temperatures, batteries discharge faster than hot batteries. Lower temperatures slow the chemical reaction. Think of a cold lithium-ion battery as a near-frozen bowl of soup, it will be slushy, the chemical reaction will be slower. To get around this issue, most electric cars use battery pre-warmers.

But the real question is, how does Engineering Explained YouTube man get on with his test. If you are still reading this then you sir are a fool!.. top quality car blog.

YouTube Man
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