The Go Any Where Vehicle Created By A Legacy of Invasions
This is a Swincar, its designed to tackle any terrain and its been designed by a crazy-ass French company and you know what? crazy-ass is what we expect from our French cousins. You see when the Normans invaded England in 1066 they brought with them legal systems and statutes about freedoms and governance that still form the basis of the modern British constitution. Actually the Normans originated from Viking hoards who settled in a region of France given to them in return for a non-aggressive pact. Typical of the French really. That region of France was subsequently called Normandy, after the Viking name Norsemen or Northmen, men from the north. So what has all this got to do with the Swincar with its independent suspension and motors for each of its articulated motor arm? EVERYTHING! You see invasion forces are good, apart from bloodthirsty battles and innocent slaying of lives, invasion forces bring with them change. However invasion doesn’t work in the middle east where Western governments want to install puppet leaders in order to control the flow of oil revenue. God we miss the Normans.  French-Crazy-Car
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