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The World’s Gone Officially Mad For The Kia K8 Interior
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After a disgruntled employee leaked interior images of the new Kia K8 sedan online, Kia decided that it was time to release official images. The K8 is an upmarket shift for the Korean company and its main rivals in Europe are the Lexus ES, Audi A6, BMW 5 Series, and Mercedes E Class. But in Europe, Lexus isn’t even considered a rival and while Kia sells over 400,000 cars per year in the region, they really have their work cut out when going against the 5 Series and E Class. Even Lexus, with all its superior reliability, can not mix it with the German premium luxury brands.

However, Kia has improved considerably over the last 5 years, and feels confident enough to change perceptions. But can the K8 Sedan prize that 5 Series sedan buyer away and into the clutches of the K8? Judging by the K8’s interior, it seems like a mighty tempting place to spend your time while driving to that virtual conference.

The problem for Kia isn’t competence or execution, or not even the brand. It’s all to do with an underlying current of acceptance. Simply put, the BMW 5 Series buyer will not accept the K8.

And in America, where Kia also does very well, the Cadenza and K900 sedans recorded a combined total of 1,570 sales for 2020. That is for the entire year. In the world’s biggest car market. Kia should have concentrated on the SUV market, a Koren sedan car will not survive in Europe, because of that current of underlying acceptability.

Kia K8 Interior - Dailycarblog
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