Brexit Jeremiah Clarkson on the Nissan shit storm,
We Need To Invade Bolivia if Electric Cars Are To Have A Future
Jeremiah Clarkson

If the electric car revolution is to work we need a reliable source of lithium-ion. They don’t have any in Blighty, we don’t even have good quality coal anymore. However, Bolivia is rich, rich in mineral wealth, it has over 70 percent of the world’s Lithium-ion reserves. And we need an excuse to get as much Bolivian lithium-ion as we can without paying for it. If we can take Iraqi oil under the veil of bringing democracy and freedom by imposing it at the barrel of the gun and dropping of bombs, then in the same manner we can bring Western democracy to Bolivia. Bolivia needs Western democracy, they need a good bombing and they need western troops to launch a ground assault to free Bolivia’s Lithium-ion reserves… I mean bring freedom to the long-suffering Bolivian people.

Unfortunately, Bolivia had the fastest growing economy over the past five years, largely thanks to economic reforms enacted by communist revolutionist Evo Morales. Unfortunately, Bolivia experienced such strong economic growth poverty rates reduced by 42 percent and extreme poverty fell by 60 percent. Communist Morales even ignored requests to take out loans from international money extractors, the IMF. And Morales even re-nationalized the gas and oil industries, which is like giving money away… to the people.

Clearly, this redistribution of wealth should end up in the hands of big oil and fossil fuel businesses, because oligarchs are experts in trickle-down economics. Thankfully Morales was removed from office thanks to a good old dose of imperialism hidden under the veil of bringing democracy back to Bolivia. Finally, the West can take back Bolivia… I mean return democracy to the hands of the Bolivian people and return the country’s oil and mineral-rich resources back to efficiently run big business.

We can not allow Bolivia to enjoy strong economic growth and control its affairs when the world is facing a global warming tipping point. We need to extract Bolivia’s resources without paying for it and return the country back to normality. Before Morales decided to deal with so-called poverty. Let the Bolivians have their Cocoa leaves and let us in the West take as much Lithium-ion as possible. Our freedoms here in the West can not come at the expense of a stalled electric car future. I love the smell of clean air in the morning.

Bolivia must never again be in a position to deny the West its rights. We need the freedom to “acquire” Lithium-ion mineral wealth to enjoy a trouble-free electric car future. Doing so will stop global warming and save the polar bears. Only imperialism can enforce our will… I mean only the values of Western democracy can bring freedom the Bolivian people truly deserve.

Brexit Jeremiah Clarkson on the Nissan shit storm,
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