Ferrari F40 Wrapped by Yiannimize - dailycarblog
Yiannimize Wraps A £1.5M Ferrari F40

The Ferrari F40 is the B-of-the-Bang of the modern supercar philosophy. It was the last car personally overseen and approved by the company’s erstwhile founder, Enzo Ferrari. It is a race car for the road powered by 2.9-litre V8 twin-turbo producing 471hp and over 200mph. When it launched in 1987 it was seen as the pinnacle of modern automotive technology. Today it is considered to be very simple engineering compared to the complexity and power of current supercar technology trends.

Ferrari planned an original production run of 400 but increased it to 1,315 units due to demand. The original sticker price was around $400,000 but with high demand and low supply, the F40 was being sold on for double the price. Today the Ferrari F40 is an evocative icon, with its dramatic looks, howling V8 and massive rear wing. Well-maintained examples still command over £1 million in the UK.

And now vehicle wrapping expert Yiannimize has got his hands on one. We’re not looking forward to this. We hope the Yiannimize wrappers respect the Ferrari F40 heritage. And don’t scratch the paintwork. That being said, it seems the Covid-19 pandemic hasn’t reached Yiannimizes’ workplace.

Ferrari F40 Wrapped by Yiannimize - dailycarblog
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