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Citroen Uses Mysterious Funky Electronica Soundtrack For C5 Teaser Video

And no you won’t have to wait until the pandemic is over to see the new Citroen C5 because it will be revealed on April 12th. Prior to the reveal Citroen uploaded a teaser video to the YouTube. And as with all automotive teaser videos the location is suitably remote and very dark, temporally lit up by the snazzy-looking LED headlights. I am of the belief that LED headlights were specifically developed for teaser videos.

The C5 is undergoing a generational revamp, and we’re sure it will be stylish. Citroen is doing a fine job with the design language these days. A plug-in hybrid variant will be joining the range in addition to the standard array of diesel and petrol engines. But we’re not interested in any of that.

We just want to know more about that funky-sounding electronica soundtrack.

Electronica Citroen C5 - Daily Car Blog
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