How To Trade In A Car: 4 Tips And Tricks

So, you’re thinking of trading in your used car. Great! Getting a new car in this day and age is easier than ever, but you still need some tips and tricks to get the most out of the process. If you need some simple but reliable advice for trading in a car, this is the article for you.

Whether you want a new car because your current one’s too old and needs a little refreshing, or you want a bigger pre-owned vehicle to accommodate your growing family, trading in your old vehicle is a viable option. There are many benefits to trading in your car instead of selling it yourself, such as:

  •         For one, you may get a tax break with your trade-in, which could save you hundreds to thousands of dollars. The amount of the tax break will depend on the age of your vehicle and also the value of the car itself.
  •         You can avoid expenses for repairs, tune-ups, and other services. Instead, all you need to do is trade in your car and allow an experienced auto dealer to shop around for a new buyer.
  •         Another great advantage of going with a dealer when you trade in is that they’ll pay for any advertising you need to promote your vehicle. This will save you not only money but also time because everything will be done for you and you get to drive home with a newer car model.

4 Tips And Tricks For Trading Your Car

Ready to let go of your old vehicle? These handy tips will help increase your chances of getting a good price for your car when you trade-in.

  1. Know The Retail Value Of Your Vehicle
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Before you approach a dealer with your questions, it’s best to learn how to calculate your trade-in value. A reliable mechanic, a trustworthy agent, or a car enthusiast friend can help you get an idea of what the retail value of your car is. This way, you’ll know what to expect when you come to sell it at a car dealer.

  1. Research Your Options

Many people sell their cars to buy a new one, but this doesn’t always work out the way you’d like. That’s why it’s so important to always be aware of your options if you don’t want to walk away from a dealership with an uncomfortable feeling.

  •         Go to dealerships around your area and ask what they offer in trade-ins. Some dealers have better offers than others, so don’t accept the first deal offered to you.
  •         Look for promotions. Most dealers will have a separate ad section in their newspaper that outlines various deals that can benefit you.
  •         Check out advertisements around town. The newspaper is also a great place to find out the latest trade-in deals. Need money instead of a new vehicle? Be on the lookout for deals that allow you to get cash for your car.

Consider looking at multiple dealerships when selling your used vehicle. You may find that one dealership will offer you a better deal than another.

  1. Have Service Documentation Ready
How To Trade in A Car - dailycarblog

Many car owners don’t realize how vital the maintenance records of their vehicle are. These documents, certificates, and receipts may be the key to a good trade-in deal for your car. Here’s why:

  •         Service documentation is critical when trading a car for a new vehicle. Provide your dealer with the service documentation and they should offer you a better deal. The dealer will appreciate this information as it helps them to verify the car’s history.
  •         Prepare your car’s paperwork in advance especially if you want a fast trade-in transaction. Having the certificate of registration and other pertinent documents expedites the sale which means you get to drive your new car sooner than you’ve expected.


  1. Stay Away From Too-Good-To-Be-True Offers

A car dealership might offer an enticing trade-in program, especially if you have several months until your next payment due. But how do you know you’re dealing with an honest car dealer:

  •         Always check the car dealer’s reputation first through the Better Business Bureau or reading reports of consumer advocate groups.
  •         You should take the time to research the feedback and testimonials of previous clients before handing over your car keys.
  •         Always ask questions about the trade-in’s terms and conditions and warranties. Also, don’t be afraid to negotiate for the deal you have in mind.


Trading your car isn’t as difficult as you may have been led to believe. After considering these tips and tricks, take the time to do your homework and find the right dealer who will give you the best deal. If you aren’t happy with the sale, simply walk away. There’s no shame in quitting when the circumstances don’t seem to be in your favor. Always go with a well-established, respectable, and reliable dealership that offers you a good trade-in value and excellent service before you give up your car. Before you put your trust in a dealership that has just opened or recently bought a car lot, make sure they are established and reputable and that they have offered you a fair and reasonable trade-in value.

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