Elon Musk and that Bolivia Tweet - dailycarblog
What Drives Elon Musk?

He is the boss of Tesla and Space X two companies at the event horizon of technology advancement. Tesla and Space X might seem as though they are in a rapid state of development but the back story to get to where they are now is long. And it is filled with adversity and doubt. Where others would just give up and go home, Elon Musk continued and persevered. But what drives him? What is the secret behind Musk’s relentless pursuit of the future?

It’s a very simple answer because there is no secret just sheer determination knowing that the future can be built… and become profitable. We don’t want to sanitize Elon Musk, we strongly disagree we his “We’ll coup anyone we like” statement over a CIA dirty war plot to invade Bolivia for its natural resources.

Let’s put that to one side, it is a debate that can be had for another time. But today is meant to be inspiration/motivation day.

Elon Musk and that Bolivia Tweet - dailycarblog
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