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BMW XM is A V8 Powered Plugin Hybrid Concept Anomaly
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For all their desire to save the world from itself, and prevent global warming with a shift to electric vehicles, BMW isn’t exactly fully embracing their newfound sense of responsibility. Personal responsibility is an unknown factor within the corridors of BMW, dieselgate being one of many prime examples. And the lack of personal responsibility can be wrapped up in the BMW XM Concept. It is a 750bhp V8-powered plug-in-hybrid concept, a prelude to a £150K watered-down production variant set for lift-off in 2022. BMW says the XM Concept is the company’s first-ever plug-in hybrid M car. As opposed to dieselgate not being the company’s first venture into planned corporate irresponsibility. But let us focus on the BMW XM.

BMW XM V8 - Plug-in Hybrid - Side - Daily Car Blog

The XM concepts’ geometric styling is eclipsed, yet again, by a giant oversized grille, flanked above by narrow LED headlights. Proportionality is not a buzzword over at BMW’s design studio at the moment. The XM concept will not translate, like-for-like, into production because concepts rarely do. This is BMW attention-seeking, whetting the appetite of motoring hacks who unquestionably sing from the BMW song sheet.

BMW XM V8 - Plug-in Hybrid - Interior - Daily Car Blog

The BMW XM Concept is based on the X7 and at its heart lies a 4.4-liter V8 twin-turbo which is paired to an electric motor. The combined system power is 750bhp and 1,000Nm of torque. And this is where the disappointment lies with the XM Concept, the exterior design language is fascinating. But why did BMW not go full EV? The XM plug-in hybrid has an electric range of just 25 miles.

BMW XM V8 - Plug-in Hybrid - Rear Q - Daily Car Blog

Plug-in hybrids are something of an oxymoron, they are no more efficient than a non-plug-in hybrid vehicle of similar stature. And they allow auto manufacturers to cover up the cracks of what is said to the public and what is actually said privately in the board room.

BMW XM V8 - Plug-in Hybrid - Daily Car Blog
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