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Ford Bronco Gets Thug Life Looks With Custom Air Suspension
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Vehicular air suspension is nothing new, the technology was first patented in 1901 by British engineer Archibald Sharp, his invention was specifically designed for motorcycles. The technology was subsequently developed and re-patented over the next few decades. By 1955 Citroen had incorporated all-wheel air suspension with the DS. The technology continued to evolve, being further developed by the American automobile industry. Then Mercedes got in on the act with the 1962 300SE. Rolls Royce began using self-leveling air suspension using a system built under license from Citroen. So, air suspension is nothing new. But it is in a 2021 Ford Bronco.

Miami based Vossen wheels and Florida-based AccuAir got together to build what is being billed as the world’s first Ford Bronco with air suspension. Vossen supplied the custom-designed wheels and Accuair calibrated the air suspension to work with the specific dimensions of the 20×9.5-inch multi-spoke Hybrid Forged HF6-3 wheels. The desert landscape is free.

 Air Suspension - Ford Bronco - Daily Car Blog
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