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The Perodua Myvi is The Car You’ve Never of Heard But Always Wanted
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All hail the Perodua Myvi, all hail the facelifted Perodua Myvi. The Perodua Myvi is dead, long live the updated Perodua Myvi. It is a car you’ve never heard of but secretly always wanted. Here’s one for the little guy and they don’t get any littler (that is a word) than the all-new, facelifted Perodua Myvi. We don’t know how much different the facelifted 2022 Myvi is from the previous iteration, but mark my words, as with all facelifts (unless you are a celebrity) there really isn’t much we can spot that is significantly different from one to the other. The Myvi is powered by a 4-cylinder petrol engine available in two derivatives, a 1.3-litre and a 1.5 litre. Power, performance and efficiency really don’t matter too much here.

Externally the Myvi receives upgrades to the grille design, headlights,  rear light clusters, bumpers, body-colored door mirrors. It’s all very minor stuff, very much expected during an automotive up-cycle.

Perodua Myvi - The Maylaysian Giant City car - Rear - Dailycarblog

For a small city car, the Myvi is stuffed full of big car tech, such as an engine start button, auto start-stop, LED daytime running lights (the latter being offered on higher-spec models only). Assisted steering and even cruise control… people drive these things on a motorway?

Although the interior is also refreshed, you wouldn’t know it. Lower-spec models are designed to feel like dungeons and higher-spec models will feel like you’re living in a palace. In the business community, such disparities are often referred to as, cost-benefit analysis.

Perodua Myvi - The Maylaysian Giant City car - Interior - Dailycarblog

The Perodua Myvi also gets an upgraded infotainment system. Unfortunately, the Myvi is only offered with a CVT transmission. Thankfully there is simply no demand for a manually assisted gearbox. Interestingly the CVT unit uses a set of split gears instead of a set of pulleys and belts. This directs more energy to the engine without losing power, and also yields an efficiency gain of 5-percent.

The Perodua Myvi is made for Maylasia only and is not available in the UK, if it was motoring journalists would say “it’s surprisingly good”, or about £10,000.

Perodua Myvi - The Maylaysian Giant City car - Dailycarblog
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