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Jeremiah Clarkson: If We Want Equality, Better To Expect it Will Never Happen
Jeremiah Clarkson

Equality? Don’t make me laugh. It doesn’t exist because it never has. Actually, I am wrong, equality is a term that does exist in academic literature. I think the term was first coined by Plato or Socrates. These ancient philosophers had no TV, no mobile phone, no internet, no PlayStation. They sat on their backsides all day. All they had to offer was words and the power of thought. God, they were boring people, rambling on about human rights, democracy, ethics. These two morons are heralded as the founders of western philosophy. If they created the recipe for Greek Natural Yogurt, I’d be much more impressed… HO HAAA! Philosophy, ethics, morality, these are not the principles that govern my life. My philosophy is simple, do as little as possible, go on holiday five times a year, and get paid more than I am worth. And the idiots do! Easy life!

And what about this new drive for equality that seems to popping up like a brand new Amazon Warehouse? The reality is that there is no equality, there never will be equality. The equality form filling brigade has to understand that it is all just for lip service, to give the impression equality is being given a chance to work. And if you believe equality is happening in a Western Anglo-Saxon-dominated country, then good luck with that illusion.

Ethnic minority football players are still being racially abused, employers are underpaying female staff who often do a far better job than their male counterparts. Women are still being treated unfairly in the workplace and women are still walking on a thin glass ceiling between them and the board room. That is the reality.

Equality in society does not exist. Let me give you one example. Remember when the Western news media suddenly began to worry about women’s rights in Afghanistan? We just spent over 20 years bombing civilians in a war against terror, most of the victims being innocent women and children while the terrorists sat on their backsides hiding in a remote cave reading about Socrates and Plato.

Unsurprisingly that sort of equality is never talked about, it is swept under the carpet because we don’t want to choke on our Corn Flakes in the morning. We want to believe in the illusion that all will be treated the same.

Jeremy Clarkson and Jeremy Clarkson - Daily Car Blog
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