The 3 Things To Look For When Buying A New SUV

There are a number of different types of vehicles on the market these days. Many people are opting for an SUV though since they can be so versatile. The problem is that there are also a seemingly infinite number of different types of SUVs on the market. It can easily overwhelm you when you walk onto the lot of a Ford dealer in Athens GA, for example.

Instead of arriving on the lot without a plan, you should make sure that you are prepared before you arrive. When you know exactly what you need and want in an SUV you will eliminate the risk of buying the wrong car. In this article, we will go over several of the factors to keep in mind when you are looking to buy the ideal SUV.

1 – Think about the space

This is the biggest factor for most people. They are looking at an SUV because they need a lot of room in the car. Not all SUVs are automatically going to have more space than a station wagon for example.

Some station wagons have far more legroom and even cargo space than some of the compact SUVs out there. Even the ones that are larger, may be limited in leg space in exchange for more cargo space and vice versa.

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Make sure to think about the type of space you need. If you are going to have a lot of passengers in the car, or have children in car seats still then passenger space is going to be the biggest factor. Or, you may not have many people traveling with you but you often need to load up the trunk.

Do an audit of the space required and then you can use that figure to narrow down the list to SUVs that have the right size.

2 – Consider your lifestyle

How you plan to use the car is also going to play a part. People who love to camp and are frequently out in nature will need an SUV that is equipped to drive over dirt roads or rocky terrain. A four-wheel drive is a must in these situations.

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Or, you could be a soccer mom and often have to ferry kids and their gear to practice so one with plenty of cargo space and passenger space is essential. Do you have to haul a boat or horse trailer? Then one with a lot of torque that can handle towing is going to be a priority.

3 – Fuel efficiency

Some SUVs are gas hogs, unfortunately. With gas prices through the roof these days, you’ll need to make sure that you are getting a fuel-efficient SUV that isn’t going to be too expensive to own.

A hybrid model or even fully electric will be a good idea if you are worried about high gas prices and the efficiency of your vehicle. There are a lot of models that are as fuel-efficient as sedans these days.

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