Toyota UK Car Production News - 2022
Toyota Denies Traitorous Plot To End UK Production Over Zero Emissions Targets
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Uncertainty is surrounding the future of Toyota’s long-term plans for its UK vehicle production. Reports are circulating that Toyota is considering exiting the UK market because of the government’s no retreat no surrender shift to electric vehicles. Toyota isn’t exactly enthusiastic about battery-powered cars. The company manufactures consent by paying for favorable media coverage to anyone who is more than happy to take the money and parrot Toyota’s belly-aching over the switch to EVs.

Toyota favors hybrids and hydrogen-powered vehicles because it has poured billions into the technology. However, hybrids are seen as a retrograde step by emissions regulators. Hydrogen has many issues related to production costs, infrastructure, and a negative CO2 lifecycle and footprint.

According to media reports, Toyota has threatened government that it could end all UK vehicle production if hybrids and hydrogen-powered vehicles are not part of a revised zero-emissions strategy.

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Whether this is true or not is difficult to say. The current UK government consists of a cabinet full of liars. Established legacy news publications are not exactly the barons of truth-telling. So when you combine them all, one must ask, who is telling the truth here? Toyota, the government? or the news media?

Nevertheless Toyota was forced to release a counter statement:

“We continue to see a role for many different technologies in the transition to zero-emission based on the principle of mobility for all — including the current hybrid vehicles built in the UK.” 

The takeaway from the statement should focus on one word, “technologies”. Toyota did not mention or reference battery-powered vehicles. The term “technologies” is an indirect reference to hybrid and hydrogen-powered cars.

Toyota has previously stated that it would be ready to sell zero-emissions cars in Europe by 2035. A company such as Toyota will have a public position and a private position.

Typically, Toyota will publically say “we have a clear vision for a viable sustainable future.” Privately Toyota may well be uninterested in such a policy if does not suit their business interests.

Toyota’s  UK vehicle manufacturing plant is located at Burnaston in Derbyshire. The company’s engine manufacturing plant is located at Deeside in North Wales.

The Corolla Hybrid, the Corolla 5dr, the Corolla Touring Sport and the Corolla GR Sport are all manufactured in the UK.

Toyota UK Car Production News - 2022
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