Cadillac Lyric all sold out for 2022 -
Cadillac Lyriq Order Book Opens And Then Closes After High Demand
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The all-electric Cadillac Lyriq is sold out before production has even begun. As soon as Cadillac opened the online pre-order system a week ago it was closed due to high demand. It is very unusual for a Cadillac to be in high demand, it is considered to be a luxury car brand in decline, even in America. Cadillac sold 118,000 vehicles in 2021, below its peak of 304,000 in 1986. The company sells a range of uninspiring SUVs, the giant Escalade being one of them. However the Lyriq is different, not only is it all-electric, the manner in which it has been executed is very impressive.

With the Lyric Cadillac can compete with Mercedes in terms of luxury. Indeed I would rather buy a Lyriq than a Mercedes EQC. Yes and I is British/American. Anyway. If you want to order a Lyric as of now you are only able to put down a $100 deposit to get on the pre-order waitlist. Doing so will put you in the proper pre-order queue for 2023.

First deliveries for the lucky people who managed to get on the proper pre-order line are expected in summer 2022. Those on the pre-order waitlist will have to wait until spring 2023 to get behind the wheel. Pricing for the Lyriq starts at $62K, it is powered by a 100 kWh battery pack and rear-mounted electric motor.

Power is rated 340 hp and 440 Nm (325 lb-ft) of torque. Cadillac is claiming a range of 312 miles (502 km) on a single charge. The Lyriq will have a dual-motor AWD variant delivering over 500 hp.

Cadillac Lyric all sold out for 2022 -
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