Driving Lessons in Solihull
Driving Lessons in Solihull: Everything You Need To Know!

Are you trying to get a driving license? If yes, you must understand how important it is to learn to drive first. We know what a great moment it is when you learn to drive. Therefore, we have curated this guide to help you find the best driving lessons in Solihull. 

There are several driving institutions in Solihull. However, not all of them are worth taking admission. In addition to this, you must also take care of certain things.

So, keep reading to discover more about driving lessons in Solihull. 

What should you choose: manual or automatic lessons?

While learning to drive, the confusion between manual and automatic driving is very common. Although, more than 90% of driving licenses are allotted for manual cars. Additionally, a manual driving license allows you to drive both manual and automatic cars, unlike an automatic driving license. 

Furthermore, insurance and prices for automatic cars also tend to be higher than for manual cars. 

How to find the best driving lessons in Solihull?

Learning to drive is one that looks extremely easy, but in reality, it is one of the most tricky things. Therefore, getting the best driving teacher for your safety and security is crucial. Below are some important tips to consider while learning how to drive in Solihull. 

Check them out:

Get a certified driving expert: While teaching freshers, even experienced drivers can get nervous. Hence, you must check if your driving teacher is an expert or not, as only a qualified driving teacher can teach you the basics and all the important processes of driving. 

Check the driving lesson fees: Fees for driving lessons in Solihull can be unreasonably high. Hence, visit at least three to four driving schools so that you can compare their pricing, facilities, and lessons. This way, you choose the best driving school at your convenience at a reasonable price. For details, find out more here.

Check how protected the vehicle is: Always hope for the best and be prepared for the worst, as certain things can go wrong while learning to drive. So, make sure that their vehicles are protected by an insurance policy, whatever driving school you choose. 

Flexible timings for driving lessons: You can put your day-to-day activities and work aside for driving lessons. Therefore, you should consider a driving school that offers flexible timings for driving lessons. So, you can learn to drive conveniently. Or you can also choose a time that fits in your daily routine. 

How many hours does it take to learn to drive in Solihull?

A very common question that bothers everyone while learning to drive is, “how many hours will it take to learn to drive?” However, it totally depends on your learning capabilities. But on average, one can learn the basics of driving in 24 to 40 hours in a manual car. Whereas, in an automatic car, you can easily learn basic driving in a single day. 

Although, whatever you learn in one or two is just not enough. As it will be basic driving lessons that will allow you to drive on an empty road at a normal speed. To be a professional driver, you must carry on your driving lessons for at least one to two months. 

How can I get a driving license in Solihull?

To apply for a driving license in Solihull, you need to download a private hire driver’s license application. You can submit all the required documents, and then you will be contacted by the agency for an appointment. 

Remember that children are not allowed to apply for a driving license. Also, you need to complete all the application processes within 3 months. Otherwise, your application will be canceled. 

Driving Lessons in Solihull
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