Seat Cupra Born EV Hatch - Don't buy it
Carwow’s Mat Watson Says Don’t Buy The SEAT Cupra Born

If a motoring journalist tells the truth, he ain’t no journalist because the truth and journalism are non-existent idealisms. Journalists go to journalism school to learn how to lie, or rather become Gollem-Esq narrative dwellers for a higher cause. So when Mat Watson says don’t buy a Seat Cupra Born over a Tesla Model 3, he ain’t being no journalist. To that end, Carwow’s Mat Watson is not a journalist.

However, he does recommend the Seat Cupra Born, at which point he is becoming a journalist. We say ignore Mat Watson and buy a Tesla Model 3 over a Cupra Born. Seat has long been a return on investment problem child for Volkswagen. What’s that I hear you say? Seat is a Volkswagen as much as Volkswagen is a Cupra.

Seat, Cupra is one, both intertwined and entangled in VW’s dystopian product management nightmare. The Seat Cupra Born is a pure electric rehash of the VW ID 3. The ID 3 is technically inferior to the Tesla Model 3.

The ID 3 feels rushed into production, it isn’t fully optimized and fails next to the power of the Tesla Model 3. The ID 3 and the brother from another mother Seat Cupra Born are examples of early adopters being promised much and VW under-delivering. Nothing new there.

We say, if you want an electric car but can’t afford the Tesla Model S buy the Tesla Model 3, it’s simply clever.

Seat Cupra Born EV Hatch - Don't buy it
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