The Lamborghini New World Order
VICE Searches For The New World Order Among Supercar Owners

In this video VICE producer/journalist, Zeke Spector goes in search of conspiracy theorists fueling the narrative that the super-wealthy are enacting what is known as the so-called New World order. So Zeke Spector starts by interviewing conspiracy theorists, who spout outlandish theories. Following his interactions, Spector then goes in search of wealthy Lamborghini-owning children of the super-wealthy to see if the link between the rich and the new world order really exists.

There are many issues with this video. VICE is owned by the Disney Corporation which is worth $175 Billion. One of the original founders of VICE, Suroosh Alvi, is worth $450 million. VICE generates over $1BN in annual revenue and in the past received funding from George Soros, the latter has a net worth of $8.6 BN USD.

If Zeke Spector wants to get to know the super-rich, he doesn’t need to travel far because he is already working for them. The conspiracy theorists come across as super strange and the super-wealthy come across as harmless souls selling expensive watches on the side to shore up their main income which is generated by their multi-million dollar family trust fund.

Spector didn’t mention the wealth transfer that took place during the pandemic. The American Congress passed an emergency stimulus bill called the Cares Act. Sounds like an attempt to bail out people during the lockdown, doesn’t it? Nope, it was a $4 Trillion dollar transfer of taxpayer’s money to the super-wealthy. But that’s another story.

The conspiracy theorists are crazy, but what Zeke forgot to mention was The New World order does exist and is being openly written and spoken of by sane extremely clever people. Claus Schwab is the founder of the World Economic Forum and the leading voice behind the so-called new world order because he coined the phrase.

The WEF is kind of like an elite corporate club where some of the world’s richest companies gather annually to be hypnotized by Claus Schwab.

Schwab openly talks about the new world order and has written a book on the subject. The World Economic Forum essentially wants to privatize governments across the world through the means of digital technology. That means your identity and my identity could be up for sale.

It all sounds like a crazy conspiracy theory, yet the crazy thing is some of the richest organizations in the world are signed up to the World Economic Forum and Schwab’s new world order. Zeke ought to have done more research because the truth is crazier than the craziest conspiracy theorists.

The Lamborghini New World Order
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