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The New MG 4 EV is Making Electric Cars Affordable
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I don’t know about you dear reader, the so-called cost of living crisis is a manufactured crisis being driven by the banks overspending and printing cash and profiteering by businesses. Brexit doesn’t help either. No harm in making profits. However, if corporate profits are being redistributed to shareholders and not being reinvested in the organization and its people through R&D and wage increases, then that is how, in very simple terms, the so-called cost of living crisis emerges. Ergo, inflation is not caused by universal wage increases because wages in real terms have been in decline for over 40 years.

You don’t have to be an economist to realize that the cost of living crisis is a manufactured scam sanctioned by the media and which is often owned and used as an advertising pawn by the very businesses causing inflation.

MG 4 Cost of Living Crisis edition - Interior

Thankfully, communist China is coming to the rescue of the capitalist West in the form of a new electric hatch. Chinese-owned MG has just launched the MG 4 EV, it’s supposed to be a rival for the likes of the Volkswagen Anakin Skywalker ID 3. The MG 4 EV has a starting price of £25,000 some £10k cheaper than the entry-level Anakin Skywalker ID 3. Cost of living crisis? What cost of living crisis?


The MG 4 EV is available in two variants based on the size of the battery on offer which starts at 51kWh for entry-level specs. The battery capacity rises to 64kWh for top-spec models. The bigger the battery capacity you have, the more range you get as a result. It’s that simple.

Entry-level SE cars, with the 51kWh battery, offer a claimed range of 218 miles. Because all car companies like to artificially boost EV range by piggy-backing off the WLPT score, expect a real world range of 180 miles. Entry level specs ride on 17-inch alloy wheels and standard equipment highlights include parking sensors, LED Headlights, adaptive cruise control and rear parking sensors.

MG 4 Cost of Living Crisis edition - Interior

The infotainment system comprises of a 10.25-inch dash-mounted screen and is complimented by a 7.0-inch driver’s display. Both are standard across the entire range. If you are still concerned about the manufactured cost of living crisis, then you have the option of upgrading the entry-level to the 64kWh battery pack thereby giving you a claimed 281 miles (245 miles in real-world conditions).

MG 4 Cost of Living Crisis edition - RQ

If the cost of living crisis is unknown to you and you don’t even know how much a pint of milk or a loaf of bread costs then you ought to go straight for the long-range version which starts at £31K. For that, you simply get more options and more of everything. As a comparison, the top-spec version has more equipment despite under-cutting the entry-level Anakin Skywalker ID 3 by £4K.

In other words, whatever MG 4 EV spec you decide to go for, you will get a brand new electric car for combustion engine prices. The MG 4 EV may not be much to look at but the pricing is very competitive for a brand new electric car. I would buy this over the ID 3, why? Because the ID 3 is not efficient for a start and the MG 4 EV makes it look over-priced.

MG 4 Cost of Living Crisis edition - Hero Image
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