Top 10 Worst Cars for College Students

Of course, a bad car is a bad car for everyone. You don’t have to be a student to suffer a bad car choice. Yet, young people rely on their cars very much while they also rarely have enough funds to replace them. So, making the right first choice is essential for them. Students only learn about time management, self-care, and budgeting. So, not many of them will have an emergency fund if a car breaks down. Additionally, not all young people are great at taking good care of their cars. Of course, modern vehicles require a lot of work. However, students have rather busy schedules and can neglect their cars’ needs for a long time. In case such a thing keeps happening, they’d rather buy a reliable car that won’t turn on them after one or two missed warning signs or delayed shop visits.

So, to avoid any surprises like sitting in a shop line forced to read reviews on writing services, make the smart first car choice. To achieve that, let’s look at what you don’t want to purchase first. Here are the top ten worst cars a college student can buy.

1998-2006 Volvo S80

Volvo S80 was advertised as a perfect student car. It was perceived as safe and good-looking. Of course, history has shown otherwise. Sure, this car will have its charm, looking somewhat like a hipster old car.

Volvo S80 1998

Yet, students will go bankrupt from the repair bills and become frequent shop visitors. Keep in mind that it’s only a surprisingly heavy car, so pushing to start is barely an option.

Chevy Chevette (1976)

Often, instead of looking for a reliable and comfortable used car, students start looking for ‘classic’ cars. Sure, they want to impress their peers and create a certain reputation in school. However, in such a car pursuit, they often make a mistake called Chevy Chevette.

Chevy Chevette 1976

Unfortunately, this 1976 Chevette model is nothing but trouble. Beyond its grotesque looks (which some people still find charming), being tiny and very loud inside and out, it’s also one of the most fragile things you can come across on the car market.

Corvette 305 “California” (1980)

Once again, students who want to stand out may consider the Corvette 305 “California ” (1980) to which we say, ‘Please don’t.’ It’s an interestingly looking vehicle. We’ll give you that.

Corvette 305 California 1980

However, the advantages really end there. For example, this car only has a three-speed transmission, barely any power, and on top of that, has the weakest acceleration ever.

Maserati Biturbo (1984)

You’ve probably heard about Maserati many times. However, have you ever heard of the Maserati Biturbo? Oh, yes. It was a sad period in the Maserati family. This model was still considered luxurious and very expensive. Was it good? No.

Maserati BiTurbo 1984

Everything about it was bad, from riding it to simply being inside of it. Do many young people know when they find a used Biturbo on the market? Most likely, they look at the first part of the name and take it without any second thought.

Lamborghini LM002 (1986)

Lamborghini LM002 (1986) certainly has the looks. It has appeared in some movies and gained a reputation as a ‘cool’ car. Of course, it was popular during the late 1980s among the cold kids.

Hummer H2 2003

It still doesn’t mean it is worth your money now. Now it has the same popularity among dictators and warlords. Besides, it is the last car to be environmentally friendly or economical in its gas consumption. It won’t earn you any respect on the road.

Ford Excursion (2000)

Admittedly, Ford Excursion has its advantages. It can be a big help on the ranch, and it does have impressive towing capacity.

Ford Excursion 2000

But, is it necessary for a student’s car? Certainly not. So, unless you are going to tow some cargo around, seek another car. Also, just imagine parking this monster in a tiny parking lot at your school.

Fiat Multipla (1998)

Generally, Fiat makes good cars. Many of their models are highly popular among young people all over the world. This particular model, however… Well, it’s different.

Fiat Multipla 1998

It’s different in all possible senses. Beyond its unusual looks, it also has problems with the gearbox. It loses power easily and has oil losses, among many other smaller issues.

BMW 7-series (2002)

Students already spend most of their time applying critical thinking and observation skills in school. They don’t need to go through it again when driving home. BMW 7-series is notorious for being quite a pain.

BMW 7 Series 2002

They are hard to work with, have frequent electronics failures, engine misfires, and much more.

Hummer H2 (2003)

Just don’t. The fashion for these huge SUVs-like vehicles has passed long ago. So, just don’t. Frankly, you will be better off spending more money on free essay samples than feeding this car to get you to college and back.

Hummer H2 2003

At least essay services will help you with grades and lift your reputation among teachers.

Ford Explorer (1995)

First, not many students would want to purchase their mom’s favorite car when they go to college. Second, there are so many good SUVs out there that will exceed your expectations and decrease your bills on repairs.

Ford Explorer 1995

Third, It has numerous issues with electronics, transmission, power, and even body integrity. Overall, it is not the safest choice.

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