Totalling an brand new Hummer EV
That Smile You Pull When you’ve Just Totalled A Brand New Hummer EV

So the team over at Las Vegas based Royalty Exotic Cars purchased a brand new Hummer EV and decided to upload the experience of collecting and driving onto their Mondi YouTube channel. Mario, the Company’s media and marketing director, also the face of Mondi, goes for a joy ride on an off-road strip of land next to a highway and intersection.

The Hummer EV is powerful and heavy, Mario is at the age of thinking his life is indestructible. This combined ratio of forces totals the Hummer EV’s rear axle, partially bending the chassis.

Not a great advert for his car rental business, made worse by the fact that the video was uploaded to YouTube. What will prospective customers think? I don’t think I would be smiling after totaling a vehicle worth $100K.

Totalling an brand new Hummer EV
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