American Semi Trucks
The Differences Between European And American Trucks Explained

Ever wondered why most American semi trucks look different compared to their European brethren? American truckers prefer the large long-nose cabin behind the engine whereas European trucks feature the cab over the engine. American long-nose semis offer bigger cabin space and this is the main reason why they rule American highways and by-ways.

The longer wheelbase of the American semi is said to improve ride and comfort. The European cab over-engine semi offers better visibility and is more maneuverable.

The other differences are governed by regulations. Cab-over-engine semi-trucks did not really take off in America. However, Optimus Prime continues to carry the torch for cab-over-engine semi-trucks because one day they could make a revolutionary comeback.

But to what end? A semi-truck reckoning is coming, the Tesla Semi could be a game changing event horizon. Optimus and the Autobots have a new autonomous enemy to contend with.

American Semi Trucks
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