Toyota Crown at the 2022 LA Motorshow
Toyota, The World’s Blandest Car Brand… is Getting Interesting

Toyota, the world’s blandest car brand, has for too long relied on the darkness of blandness to make in-offensive and reliable cars. Nowt wrong wit’ that, as they say in abandoned parts of Northern England. But change is happening at Toyota, as if the senior executive committee has awoken from a long board room meeting. A meeting where the only activity taking place is people wiping drool from the corner of their mouths after falling asleep just 2 minutes in, instead of voting for important measures such as having sushi or fast food for the actual meeting.

The Toyota Prius, bland looking but technically very good, was revealed at the 2022 LA Auto Show with a striking “take my money” new look. And now the Toyota Crown, a big sedan, is another interesting new direction for Toyota in so far as Toyota is allowing its designers to be more adventurous.

When a car company as big as Toyota, which relies on an efficient paint-by-numbers manufacturing cadence, starts to do interesting things it’s life-changing. So Autogefuhl took a closer look at the Toyota Crown, in full screen, full HD, 4K, during his tour of the 2022 LA Motorshow.

The biggest takeaway from this video is that Autogeful reveals the Toyota Crown is a much more premium offering from Toyota. If you offer a premium product prepare to pay premium prices. Toyota’s solid reliability and shift into making interesting looking premium products has to be a big selling point to new customers.

Toyota Crown at the 2022 LA Motorshow
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