Volvo EX90 EV SUV - 2024 - Interior
Volvo Reveals The All New, All Electric XE90 SUV
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Volvo has taken off the wraps of its all-new, all-electric EX90 which heralds the first of many steps to becoming an electric-only car maker by 2030. The EX90 will sit alongside the current fossil-fueled XC90 the latter will be making a transition into a PHEV-only model eventually going on to become extinct/obsolete by 2030. As for the EX90’s exterior design, Volvo has played it conservatively sleek.

Volvo EX90 EV SUV - 2024 - Side

The EX90 clearly echos the styling direction of the current generation XC60. Volvo will initially offer two versions, each will be powered by a 107kWh battery pack offering a claimed range of 373 miles. As standard, Lidar-guided hardware will provide the eyes and ears of Volvo’s autonomous driving technology.

Volvo EX90 EV SUV - 2024 - Front

The EX90 will have fast charging capability taking 30 minutes to recharge from 10 to 80 percent. Dual-electric motors will offer AWD, the entry-level model will output 408 hp and 770 Nm (568 lb-ft) of torque. The flagship performance model gets 510 hp (517 PS) and 910 Nm (671 lb-ft).

Volvo EX90 EV SUV - 2024 - Material Design

Despite weighing nearly three tonnes unladen, the XE90 performance variant is capable of delivering 62 mph (100 km/h) in 4.9 seconds.

Volvo EX90 EV SUV - 2024 - Interior

The interior follows Volvo’s current design language and cues but is even more minimalist and much more modern as a result. A giant 14.5-inch vertical touchscreen replaces physical buttons, the exception being the drive selector which is configured to be a round dial as opposed to an obtrusive, not required, gear stick.

Volvo EX90 EV SUV - 2024 - Rear

The infotainment touchscreen is complimented by a 10-inch digital driver’s binnacle. Volvo’s infotainment system is essentially a “skin” running off Google’s Android Auto software. The seating and cabin are trimmed in wool-hybrid and sustainable/recycled materials. High-grade synthetic leather will also be offered. The Volvo EX90 is due to go on sale in the UK in mid-2024 priced from around £96,000.

Volvo EX90 EV SUV - 2024 - Interior
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