Ferrari SF90 Dakar Edition
The Ferrari SF90 Dakar Edition is An Off Road Concept To Believe In
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Supercar manufacturers are getting on the Paris to Dakar Rally bandwagon. Porsche recently unveiled their 911 Dakar. Not soon after Lamborghini revealed the Huracan Sterrato. However Ferrari doesn’t officially endorse nor participate in any endurance Rally event, it is simply beneath them. Or as marketing would say, “doesn’t follow brand guidelines”. However, one concept artist believes Ferrari should get its elbows dirty.

Conceptual transport designer and Instagramer ildar_project has created a Paris to Dakar ready vision to perhaps entice the Prancing Horse into action. Although it isn’t ready per-say it exists merely as a digital concept. The Ferrari SF90 serves as the main course in this off-road concept.

The SF90 Dakar Cross Edition concept features a raised ride height and wheel arch shielding, presumably to cope with everything a Dakar rally can throw at it. Not too sure about the piano black finish for the sideskirts and front diffuser, but it’s a Ferrari and it must look cool.

The standard factory Ferrari SF90 comes equipped with a 4.0-Litre V8 hybrid powertrain that uplifts performance to 986 hp and 800 Nm (590 lb-ft) of torque. Too powerful for Dakar regulations methinks.

Ferrari SF90 Dakar Edition
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