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The Ferrari 812 Competizione Special Edition
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This is the Ferrari 812 Competizione, a special edition 812 Superfast created to celebrate Ferrari’s greatness. Ferrari has taken the 812 Superfast formula and dailed M for more unlimited power. Without going into too much technical detail, Ferrari re-engineered the naturally aspirated 6.5-litre V12 engine. As a result, power is increased to 819bhp although torque takes a slight hit at 513lb ft (695NM). However, the engine now screams to 9,500rpm up from the standard 8,500rpm.

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Ferrari has also re-mapped the shift pattern of the 7-speed dual-clutch transmission which now changes 5-percent faster per shift. They also managed to reduce the mass of the car by 38kg. An upgraded aerodynamic package improves airflow and increases downforce. The rear wing is designed to work with the front and rear diffuser to act as an aerodynamic glue. The front diffuser integrates an aero-gate that opens at speeds of over 155mph.

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The improved airflow, which includes air ducts and integrated louvers, is designed to channel air across the surface specifically to increase downforce and aid engine and brake cooling. The top speed of 211mph can be reached rather quickly because the 0-62mph time takes 2.85 seconds while the 0-124mph 7.7 seconds. The Ferrari Competizione also gets four-wheel steering to aid cornering and high-speed stability while improving low-speed maneuverability.

Ferrari Competizione A - Dailycarblog

While the interior is unchanged expect the price not to. The standard, if one can use such a term, Ferrari 812 Superfast costs £260k in the UK. The Competizione is expected to command a price starting at £500k with numbers limited to 999 examples. The Ferrari 812 Competizione will also be available in a roofless version which is unimaginatively called the 812 Competizione A.

Ferrari Competizione - Dailycarblog
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