Ford Mustang Gran Turismo Drifting
When Real Life Drifting Looks Like A Grand Turismo 7 Trailer
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Formula Drift champion Ford Vaughn Gittin Jr. recently visited the state of North Carolina. There he spent the weekend, not camping, playing guitar, and eating melted mushrooms. No, he spent the weekend drifting in a Ford Mustang around the picturesque backroads of Wilkesboro. Gittin Jr. was accompanied by another Ford Mustang, both are purpose-built for the Formula Drift Championship.

Also on tow was a camera crew and the combined output of drifting and filming and filming and drifting created the above video. The skill on display in all areas is exceptional.

Indeed the video looks like Gran Turismo 7 Trailer, which begs the question, do we live in a virtual world? Anyway, the end result is drifting art.

Ford Mustang Gran Turismo Drifting
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