Tom Cruise, The Running Man
Can Tom Cruise Run Faster Than It Takes A Supercar To Accelerate From 0-62mph?

The question on everybody’s mind is… how fast can Tom Cruise run the 0-62mph time… yes run, i.e. when he sprints, i.e. using nothing more than bipedal power. In many of his movies, Cruise spends a lot of time running, either away or into situations of great peril and suspense.

Cruise is approaching the ripe old age of 60 and isn’t abandoning his signature movie run scene any time soon. A Tom Cruise movie isn’t complete without a dramatic Tom Crusie run moment.

And with Mission Impossible Dead Reckoning due for release this summer, YouTube Channel Scene It Reviews ponders why a Tom Cruise run scene really matters.

Tom Cruise, The Running Man
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