Tom Cruise - Dead Reckoning - Filming
Tom Cruise Being Ethan Hunt on The Set of Mission Impossible

With everywhere to run and nowhere to hide Tom Cruise is busy preparing for the next installment of the Mission Impossible movie franchise. Mission Impossible Dead Reckoning will have its theatrical opening in July 2023. Ethan Hunt is older now, but still not prepared to retire from his secret agent escapades. The world needs saving and only Hunt can do it.

Indeed the latest and 7th installment of the film series is bolder and brasher than ever before. We get to take a look behind the scenes as we watch Cruise running jumping, jumping and running, falling, and… jumping off pretty much anything that gets in his way. That’s what it takes to save the world.

Real secret agents spend their time in government embassies or work for NGOs holed up in luxury hotels on the pretense they are helping save humanity. In the real world saving humanity from itself is done by diplomacy, misinformation campaigns, or hacking.

Watching a film about a spy sitting in an office, embassy or hotel doesn’t make for a good movie, so we’ll stick to the jumping, running, and daredevil stunts.

Tom Cruise - Dead Reckoning - Filming
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