Jeep Avenger is bloody awful says Carwow Mat Watson
The Jeep Avenger EV Is No Bloody Good Says Carwow (Mat Watson)

It’s been a while since we last shared a Carwow review. While browsing through their YouTube playlist, we couldn’t help but notice Carwow’s attention-grabbing clickbait title for their review of the Jeep Avenger. Inspired by their approach, we decided to create our own eye-catching clickbait headline. But beyond the catchy titles, the Jeep brand now falls under the ownership of Sterile Corporate Monolith Stellantis.

The sterile corporation has made some significant cost-cutting decisions that have affected Jeep’s overall quality. Watson highlights that the base price for the Jeep begins at £35K, with entry-level models coming with a PLASTIC! steering wheel. However, the abject misery doesn’t end there; the Jeep Avenger proves to be equally underwhelming both in the front and rear compartments.

The misery is further extended when Watson experiences multiple faults during his road test of the Jeep Avenger. Car manufacturers typically provide top-notch test units to car reviewers. Therefore, the fact that Sterile Corporate-Monolith-Stellantis-Jeep could only supply a model with noticeable faults suggests that reliability may not be their highest priority.

Legal Disclaimer:

Neither Carwow nor Mat Watson explicitly declared the Jeep Avenger as “no bloody good.” We concocted the headline deliberately to create clickbait material.

Daily Car Blog does acknowledge that the Sterile Corporate Monolith Stellantis made Jeep Avenger is no bloody good and you should absolutely avoid even shortlisting it as your next new car.

Jeep Avenger is bloody awful says Carwow Mat Watson
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