Michael Jordan Mansion Tour with Enes Yilmazer
Car Style | Touring Michael Jordan’s Mansion With Enes Yilmazer

If you want to measure success then the Michael Jordan metric is quantitatively stratospheric. Michael Jordan was a former professional NBA basketball player who played for the Chicago Bulls between 1984-2003. Jordan is widely regarded as the greatest basketball player to ever grace the game, perhaps of all time. The Jordan name became a brand icon throughout the 1990s and early 2000s and continues strongly to this day.

An ultra successful playing career led to a successful business career when Jordan retired from professional basketball. Michael Jordan has amassed an estimated current net worth of $1.6BN.

Jordan’s mansion is situated in Chicago and apparently cost $55M to build in 1995. The 52,000 sqft property, is spread over a 7-acre plot of land and incorporates 9 bedrooms, 19 bathrooms, a tennis court, and of course a private basketball court.

Michael Jordan Mansion Tour with Enes Yilmazer
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