Peugeot Pandemic Fall Edition Concept
The Peugeot Pandemic Fall Edition Concept
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Permanently pandemic-stricken Peugeot is shoveling through these dark disease-filled times with a candlelight of hope. The Peugeot Pandemic Fall Edition Concept is the flower to breathe new life, life that will eventually erupt into a forest of life. For Peugeot Pandemic, the Fall Edition Concept is about renewal, the concept seed has been sowed, and it will grow and spread eventually springing into a new breed of pure electric vehicles.

But we must be patient for Peugeot Pandemic is gripped by pandemia. We must all join Peugeot Pandemic and overcome the Covid-19 hurdle together. Only then will we all see the Fall Edition Concept come to fruition.

What we do know is that the all-electric Peugeot Pandemic Fall Edition Concept is theoretically powered by a 100kWh battery providing a theoretical electric range of 497 miles.

The Peugeot Pandemic Fall Edition is theoretically powered by two electric motors that theoretically produce 680hp. The 0-62mph sprint is theoretically completed in under three seconds.

The theoretical 800V technology enables it to add 93 miles of range in just five minutes, and it is capable of wireless induction charging. But the concept is just a theory for now.

Car manufacturers have a habit of making stuff up… it’s called marketing. Sometimes they say deranged lunatic things without introspection or self-awareness.

Scientists have a defined psychological diagnosis for the above condition, it’s called the Mike Arnold Syndrome.

Peugeot Pandemic Fall Edition Concept
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