Geely Galaxy Light Concept Show Car
Stars Shine For Geely As It Reveals Sleek 4-Door Coupe Galaxy Light Concept
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Geely has revealed it product roadmap with its flagship Galaxy brand, which is what the Cadillac brand is to Ford. The Geely Galaxy brand will be comprised of electrified powertrains and pure electric vehicles. The Galaxy L7 is a plugin-hybrid (PHEV) SUV and will sit alongside the L6 plugin hybrid sedan. It assumed that the Galaxy’s powertrain will come directly from Volvo, so expect electrified-turbocharged, 4-cylinder 1.5-litre and 2.0-liter engines with power ranging from 188bhp for entry-level models and up to 300bhp for top-spec models.

Geely Galaxy Light Concept - Debut - Stance

Geely claims the L7 SUV will be capable of delivering 44mpg and offer a maximum range of 845 miles on a single tank of fuel. Interior design and comfort has become just as important as the dynamics and economy, the Galaxy L7 and L6 will feature an operating system using the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 chip which has been specifically designed for automotive infotainment systems and is said to offer superfast interactive digital interfaces.

Geely Galaxy Light Concept - Debut - Interior

The Galaxy L7 and L6 are China only and will be retail-ready in Q3 2023. But for us, the real star of the show was the Galaxy Light Concept, a four-door coupe sedan with styling a little Audi A7 and a little bit Porsche Taycan. While the concept is show-stealing, it does mark a segway into the Galaxy brand’s pure electric strategy which is expected to be referred to as Galaxy E for all future EVs.

Geely Galaxy Light Concept - Debut - Show Car

The first Galaxy EV to rise to prominence will be the E8 which is expected to go on sale in Q4 2024. Geely has spent a lot of time developing new crash protection measures to mitigate against electromagnetic radiation and making the E8’s battery pack fire and explosion-proof.

Geely Galaxy Light Concept Show Car
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