Pegasus Model 3 Fuckton
This Little Tesla Grew A Mythical Rear Wing To Become The Pegasus Model 3
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Like a winged horse that sprang from the blood of the Medusa as she was beheaded by the hero Perseus, this Tesla Model 3 sprang a mahoosive rear wing of its own to become a track-focused Pegasus-winged electric car. From the ashes of its doomed Pikes Peak run, Pegasus Model 3 has arisen to live again for a life built for speed and extreme performance. Actually, it’s called the Bionic Phoenix, and it is no Photoshop myth. That sir is a real rear wing and widebody on a Tesla Model 3.

The Bionic Phoenix was forged from the minds-eye of Craig Corker an ex-pro skier turned EV Racer and marketing guru. The Model 3 Bionic Phoenix once competed in the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb and somehow ended up plunging off the side of a cliff face as it made a daredevil run.

Tesla model 3 Bionic Phoenix Pegasus

Unplugged Performance, a California based company that specializes in upgrading the performance of your average Tesla, rebuilt the Bionic Phoenix which crashed in 2020. The car’s electric powertrain is unmodified, however, 200kg of weight was removed only for most of it to be added back when the widebody and rear wing were installed.

While the rear wing looks ridiculous it does do the job of generating over 1,800kg of downforce. That’s more than enough to hold down the 19-inch/13-inch wide performance tyres. As Craig Corker describes the rear wing, that’s a metric fuckton of downforce.

Pegasus Model 3 Fuckton
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