BYD Atto 3 Compact SUV
BYD To Begin Atto 3 EV-SUV Sales In The UK Market
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BYD will commence sales of the Atto 3 electric subcompact SUV in the UK in mid-March as the company begins to shore up its sales territories across Europe. BYD will open four stores across the UK – Glasgow, Manchester, Birmingham and Milton Keynes. The Atto3 was first released in China in 2016 where its brand name is identified as the Yuan. The Yuan/Atto3 was originally sold as a gasoline and plugin hybrid before BYD switched to becoming a full electric car manufacturer.

The Atto 3 will be powered by an iron phosphate battery pack rated at 60.5 kWh, it has a power rating of 204 bhp and a range of 225 miles. Retail prices will start from £36,000. BYD has been active in the UK and wider Europe approaching 10 years and specializes in selling electric buses.

However, BYD wants to capture the rising demand for electric cars in Europe and started selling electric sedans and crossovers in 2022 to a select number of affluent European countries. BYD’s key European markets are Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, and Sweden.

BYD ended 2022 with record sales of 1.8 million plugin hybrids and pure electric cars. The overwhelming majority of sales are in mainland China. BYD’s international sales territories account for a small percentage of overall annual sales.

BYD Atto 3 Compact SUV
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