Get Used To The New Plus Sized Woke Mini Cooper
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As scientists debate the concerns surrounding the world’s declining population, Mini has decided that the human population is growing. The next-generation Mini Cooper reflects a rather different scientific evolutionary theory on population growth. The next-generation Mini Cooper will be designed for the unashamedly plus-sized, woke generation. The other day, an eagle-eyed jaywalker in Los Angeles spotted the new Mini Cooper Woke in Los Angeles where it was being filmed for publicity material ahead of its official reveal later this year.

Clearly, the next generation Mini Cooper Woke exhibits evolutionary exterior styling, upsized for the plus-sized woker generation. And “nought wrug wit dat” as say in Yorkshire CCC. From the images, we can see the new Mini Cooper Woke is wider and longer than before, so can the Mini be regarded as a mini car? No, it appears as if Mini has actually implemented the focus group survey results for better rear passenger space and more rear headroom.

Or it could be the bigger dimensions/chassis are so, to enable the compatibility of gasoline drivetrain and or an electric drivetrain. The next generation Mini gasoline versions will feature a 48-volt mild hybrid architecture, also expect to see a plugin-in hybrid variant. The electric variant will feature two battery packs, an entry-level 40kwh battery pack and a 54kWh battery pack.

Power will range between 181-215 bhp and range should be around 190-215 miles. The Mini Cooper Woke is expected to go on sale in July 2024.

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