Yangwang U9 Hypercar - Heroic Stance
The $160,000 Yangwang U9 Is The Cheapest Ever 1100BHP EV Hypercar
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Yangwang doesn’t sound like a name often associated with luxury brand vehicles because it is a new entity formed by BYD. But that’s how the new brand is being marketed. The Yangwang U9 is a 1,100bhp hypercar that did a blaze of pre-launch publicity demonstrating its pneumatic suspension propelling a demo car on just three wheels. Whereas most modern hypercars cost upwards of $1M USD, state of the art EV hypercars are even more expensive, think Lotus Evija.

Yangwang U9 Hypercar - Heroic Action

However, if the rumors are true, the Yangwang U9 EV hypercar will retail from $150,000, which is expensive, but significantly cheaper than any hypercar currently on the market or yet to be released. If the price is correct, the U9 will be a game changer.

Yangwang U9 Hypercar - Heroic Speed

The Yangwang U9 powertrain features 4 electric motors, each motor outputs 275 bhp and 320 Nm of torque to yield a total system output of 1,110 bhp and 1,250 Nm of torque. BYD says the 0-62mph time takes just 2.0 seconds.

From what we know, the Yangwang U9 will house a 100kWh battery pack which is good for a theoretical range of 434 miles or 700 km. Yangwang will confirm the price of the U9 in due course.

Yangwang U9 Hypercar - Heroic Stance
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